Saturday, August 27, 2011

Just catching up

Good heavens. So much has been happening in the past few weeks, that it was just easier for me to not even think about blogging. But now...I have WAY too much to say! You know what that means? Bulleted list!
  • High school is going really well for Shannon. She's making friends, and doing pretty well! There are lessons being learned about needing to be organized, etc. But I think that's par for the course! Patrick and I have been to both 9th grade parents' orientation, and then curriculum night, and we are SO impressed with her school.
  • Since mid-July, my dad has been hospitalized 4 times, for a total of about 3 weeks time. He is doing well now, and all we can do at this point is just pray it continues! I *think* we're finally on the right here's to healing and recovery!
  • I went back to work on August 11th and have been super busy getting my classroom and curriculum ready. Both of my assistants (one for each class) also help in other age levels, which is completely fine...but what it means is that I did quite of bit of work on my own. I'm really proud of how much I accomplished! This week we had a curriculum night for each class, and then an open house for the kids to come meet us and play in the classroom, etc. Now? Now I have over a week off! Woot! Classes start the day after Labor Day.
  • Patrick's got some exciting stuff going on, but I'm not really at liberty to talk about it *just yet.* But any good thoughts you could send his way would be appreciated!
  • We're watching The Weather Channel nonstop this weekend, watching hurricane Irene abuse the east coast. We're sending lots of love and prayers to everyone in her path.

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