Friday, June 29, 2012


Waiting is hard.

We are waiting for some medical test results for my dad, and it's SO hard to not get ahead of myself with what-ifs, etc.  There's a difference between thinking about something, maybe even having a plan for the worst case scenario...and fretting.  I'm making a conscious effort to NOT fret.  Patrick and I are having conversations about our part in all of this (we all live together, so this affects us, too),  our plans and hopes for the future, etc.  I don't feel like I'm letting my worries get away from me, but it will be a relief, one way or the other, to get the results.  The hospital said it would take three days...which falls on Saturday. I don't know if they'll contact us then? or if we have to wait til Monday.  Time will tell, and any and all prayers are appreciated.

In school news, I registered for my classes on Tuesday!  I had mapped out my first choice of days/times, and then I pulled together a Plan B, just in case the first ones were unavailable.  I got into all of my first choice classes!  I will be taking Math, English, Anatomy & Physiology, and Medical Terminology. 

Shannon's off with her BFF in Florida this week.  She started off the week playing with TS Debby, but now the weather's nice, and they're getting lots of beach time, etc.  Today they toured Florida State University.  Shannon said she really liked it, but she didn't think she could go there, because she might melt, lol!  As much as I miss her, it's actually been good having her away during all of this medical testing and the resulting conversations.

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