Friday, December 17, 2010

Happy Birthday to my girl

I know it's been ages since I've blogged. Things are cooking right along here. Yesterday was my last day of preschool until January 4th! Sweeeet!

We have lived in Atlanta for 11 years and neither my brother, nor my sister has ever been to visit us. We have been to CA several times in those years. sister is coming for Christmas this year! She and her partner separated after many years together this year, and my parents moved here from it would have been a very lonely Christmas for we're bringing her out! She arrives Saturday, and gets to stay for 10 days! I can't wait! I want to sit up all night chatting and laughing. I want to create some fun, wonderful memories with her, and make her Christmas amazing.

Shannon's last day of school for the year is tomorrow, but they actually had a snow day that was fun!

The biggest news though...Shannon's birthday is today! I can't believe my precious girl is 14. She is SUCH a blessing to Patrick and me. God is so good, and every single day I am grateful that he brought this girl into my life. Shannon is growing into such an incredible young woman. She is brilliant, and perceptive...loving and kind. She is fair-minded, and hilarious. I just could not be more proud of her!

Happy 14th Birthday to my sweet Shannon! I love you!!!

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Stephanie M. Page said...

What a beautiful girl!! Happy Birthday and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! =)

milreb said...

All this time I did not realize you have a blog! Thank you for your prayers and concern Cindy. I am so sorry that you and I have had to join the club. So grateful for your girl and my boy. Happy 14th birthday to your Shannon! -Beck

Juliana said...

Awww! Happy Birthday to her. It is amazing and scares me how quickly they grow. WOW.

I have missed you, thank you for your kind comments!