Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas, etc!

With the exception of the year Shannon was only 8 days old for Christmas, we had THE BEST, most magical Christmas this year! My parents live here now, my sister was here to visit...and get this...IT SNOWED! We had a white Christmas! Just marvelous.

We took my sister to the High Museum of Art to see an exhibit of Salvador Dali's work. It was amazing. We also got to spend time with several more relatives. We had a nice lunch with my dad's cousin, who I have come to simply love. We had a quick breakfast with our cousins we haven't seen in almost 15 years, and we were happy to spend 2 fun days with Patrick's dad and step-mom. I tell you what, though...I was WORN OUT by the time I went back to school, lol!

What I loved the most was sitting up late with my sister, just having fun. Wrapping presents, watching movies, and just laughing. I've missed her so much. (Yes, I'm working on her to move here too!)

And's the end of the first week back to school, and time to exhale. Yesterday was Epiphany, which means tomorrow is the day we de-Christmas the house. I always am sad to pack away the Christmas decorations, but then I love having all the space back in my house. Shan came home early today from school with I'm not sure she'll be able to help...but I'm sure she'll make a great supervisor.

Remember I said we had a white Christmas? Check this out...we are under another winter storm watch for Sunday night...and they're forecasting for us to get 5-7 inches of snow! OH MY GOSH...I am so excited I can hardly stand myself. I don't want to wish my weekend away, but I can't wait to see if we get this weather! C'mon snow!


2busy said...

Jealous of the snow! The stars have to align just right to get snow, I think...

Teresa said...

Yeah! So glad you liked the SNOW Ice Cream!
I was in Atlanta flying to Birmingham last week!

Stephanie M. Page said...

Precious, Precious time with family!