Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happy Birthday to my boyfriend!

So, we all agree that I'm a goob, right? I found out today that the people I work with are just as crazy as I am.

Have I shared that I LOVE Abraham Lincoln? I think he is SO cool. He's always been the person in history that I admire most. As a kid I even had an Abraham Lincoln bedroom. Yes, really! It's "come out" a few times at work...and now a few people say that he's my boyfriend., I walk into this from my Secret Pal:
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What was SO funny, was that people kept coming up going "Is it your birthday???" And I'd have to say "'s President's Day." And they'd kind of get this blank look, and then go "But the note said it's your special day???" Hahaha...and I'd have to tell them. Good lord. I swear, I smiled ALL day. I love my friends. I can't wait to find out (in May) who my Secret Pal is.

Oh! And then what's even funnier...

After school today, I took Shannon to the dentist. She's sitting there in the waiting room, reading "Family Fun" and suddenly goes "Mom! Look at this!"

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Sooo, we know my secret pal reads Family Fun. Cracks me up that she saw this and thought of me, lol! My cupcakes were *exactly* like the ones in the liners, green icing, gold sprinkles...EVERYTHING!

At preschool when I got the cupcakes, of course the kids were THRILLED, and wanted to know who "that man" was. I told them that he was "Abraham Lincoln," which of course was met with "I dunno" expressions. I went on to teach/say that a long, long time ago he was president of the United States (I knew this was above most of them...but I like to start their brain's file folders on stuff early, lol!). So THEN I said "He was a very important man a long time ago, so we like to celebrate his birthday every year." The kids were excited by the "birthday" aspect.

So then, I said "who has Lincoln Logs?" Several kids said "Me me me!" So I said "Abraham Lincoln used to live in a log neat that they made toys so you could have log cabins like him!" And then I left it alone.

About 45 minutes later, it was snack time. So (as I was holding the cupcakes) I asked the kids "Do you remember whose special birthday it is today?" One little girl yelled out "ABRAHAM LINCOLNLOGS!" Hahahaha!

And from then on, that's what everybody in class called him. When we sang happy birthday, that's who we sang it to, too! Ha!


2busy said...

I love the cupcakes! How fun was that...

Stephanie M. Page said...

That is very funny!