Thursday, April 7, 2011

Just because I like to remember

Spring Break 2011:

Friday night - Picked up P's new car

Friday night - Saturday afternoon: Shan to Emma's birthday party

Sunday - I pulled weeds, and Patrick mowed. Shan babysat in afternoon, and then slept over at Reagan's house. Started dog-sitting Rugby.

Monday - Shan got home in PM, and then immediately went to Rebecca Mack's house.

Tuesday - Chestatee Animal Preserve

Wednesday - Shampooed carpets, went to Rome in PM. Ate dinner at Harvest Moon Cafe. Discovered Shannon, GA

Thursday - Sad morning when our ferret, Noodles, had to be put to sleep. Lots of hugging and snuggling around lunchtime. Made birthday cake for my dad this afternoon, and then went and got (awesome) haircuts. After dad's birthday dinner of steak, asparagus, tater tots, and rolls we had cake. Then Shan and I went to a late showing of The King's Speech. My new all-time favorite movie EVER. Came home and packed her for her camping trip tomorrow.

Friday - Shannon left to go camping for the weekend with her BFF. Patrick and I had lunch at Tin Drum, and came home and just had a quiet evening watching TV.

Saturday - Last day of dog-sitting. Went and cleaned out our camper so we can sell it. We're watching auto racing this afternoon (Australian V8 Supercars right now, NASCAR soon). I'd like to play some video games tonight...hopefully P will feel up to it.

Sunday - Watched a bunch more car racing. P still not feeling great, so I went out and got him some "soul food." Shan came home from camping...a bit sunburned, but happy. I did a little preschool prepwork. And now...Spring Break is done. Sigh. It was a good one.

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Stephanie M. Page said...

So fun Cindy! And the Kings speech is such a goooood movie!!!