Monday, June 13, 2011

More summer fun!

In keeping up my summer fun list, I have LOTS to add! (Maybe I should do it more often than once every two weeks, huh?)

  • Patrick and I took a 6-day trip to Myrtle Beach, just the two of us. Shannon stayed home with my parents and took care of the dogs, etc. We had THE BEST time. We went to the beach every day. We slept in. We drove go-carts, and played mini-golf. We went to a movie (Hangover 2), and ate like kings. We went to the Bodies: Revealed exhibit. Just wonderful!
  • The day after we got home, we took Shannon over to Athens, GA and toured the University of Georgia. She had NO trouble envisioning herself going there...loved the classic architecture and history of the campus.
  • We went to see the new X-Men movie, and we all (even me!) loved it. It was excellent.
  • We broke Shannon's bed. Oops. To be fair, she's had it since she was 20 months old, and it was time for something new. So, we went to IKEA and outfitted her with new bedroom furniture. For the past few days we have been repainting her room from her 8-year-old-girl color choice of her 14-year-old-girl color choices of aqua and slate gray!!!
  • Shannon went to a soup kitchen in Atlanta today and prepared and packed meals for the needy.

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