Monday, May 30, 2011

Summer time!

Yay, school's out! This year, our "plan" for the summer is to "keep moving." Not to just become couch potatoes because it's hot outside.

We've been getting up each morning and going to the gym. I know, can you believe it? And what's weirder...we're actually LIKING it. It's great to get your workout done before it's super hot (and first thing in the morning, so you don't have to dread it all day)...and it gets you up and going with your day. No more finding yourself sitting around in your jammies at 2 pm, and being shocked that the day is half gone. Loving it! And the best part? I've lost 3 lbs. this week.

We're also making more of a effort to be conscious. That sounds kind of weird. But what I mean is that we are trying to be...present. To be aware, and appreciative of what's going on around us. It's actually very fulfilling! (Who knew, lol!)

I want to try to keep a list of the fun stuff we do this summer. I like to see it all in one place!

So far we've:

  • Fed ducks
  • Saw Kung Fu Panda 2
  • Got frozen yogurt at Menchie's
  • Shannon's rediscovered bubbles, and is actually having fun blowing bubbles, lol! (She's 14!)
  • Got new curtains and rod for our bedroom.
  • Keeping the top off the Jeep and going for spontaneous convertible rides (and occasionally with a dog...they LOVE it!)
  • Shan and I found ourselves up late last night, and changed out the posters in her bedroom.


Funky Kim said...

Vincent would love hanging out with Shannon! Bubbles are on his top 5 things to do that are fun!

Colleen said...

So much fun already! And summer's just begun.

I can't wait to see your summer lists.

And AWESOME about getting up and moving right away every day!