Saturday, May 5, 2012

Time to check in

Was kind of a weird week for me.  I wrote about our awesome weekend, and went to bed last Sunday night, ready for my normal week ahead of me.

When I woke up Monday morning, I knew something wasn't right.  My stomach was upset and as I rolled over in bed, my head just pounded.  Turns out I was getting a migraine that didn't leave me until Wednesday! Ugh.  I missed those three days of work, which is a *little* stressful because our Muffins for Moms parties are coming up this week, and it's just a really busy time wrapping up assessments, class projects, etc.  Oh well, couldn't be helped I guess!

Last night was Shannon's chorus Spring Showcase.  Her chorus sang two songs, and she had a solo!  We think s he did a great job!  What I'm most proud of though, is that it's HER idea to try out for these solos, to practice them, and that she has the courage to stand up in front of a large group and SING.  Awesome!

She is switching high schools next year and had to audition to get into the chorus at her new school.  That audition was last week, and she did so well that she was placed in Advanced Chorus, and the director only had her sing half of her piece, and didn't require her to sight-read! Go, Shannon!

Today was spent running errands and then working on Mother's Day stuff for preschool.  The best news is that I'm about 98% done now!  I just need to put the text into the cards, and one little boy needs to make up one page for his book.  That's it! Woot woot!

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Holly from 300 Pounds Down said...

That's awesome about your daughter and I totally agree. Her initiative to try out for a solo on her own is fantastic!!!