Sunday, April 29, 2012

Another thing off the checklist

Every month of the school year, for the past 10 years, I've created a calendar and newsletter for each class.  I just did my LAST ones.  EVER.  Wow.  It's just surreal.

We've had a FUN and FULL weekend.  We had an unused inclement weather day to use, so we got a 3-day weekend, with Friday off.  Thursday night, Shannon and I were sitting up late, and decided to sleep out on our deck.  We pulled out her old Playhut tent to keep the dew off us, and camped out!  (Good thing we did, too...because about an hour after we went out, it rained for about 20 minutes, lol!)

Since we had slept outside, we woke up much earlier than we normally would on a weekend morning.  We were sitting on the couch talking to Patrick, and he said "I want Crab Shack for dinner."  (An aside...The Crab Shack is his FAVORITE restaurant...but it's in Savannah, GA...which is 5 hours away.)  We kind of got *that look* on our faces and said "OK, why not?"  My parents agreed to watch our dogs, we Pricelined a hotel room, and within an hour of him saying that, we hit the road!

We had the best time!  We spent a couple hours on the beach, ate Crab Shack for dinner, walked on River St. after that, and then went to our hotel.  Saturday morning, we went back to the beach and just enjoyed the water, sun, and sand.  We watched pelicans dive, we saw a pod of dolphins swim by, and it was just...blissful.  On our way out of town to head home, we stopped by our favorite island ice cream stand for a treat.

We drove 5 hours home, and then took my parents (they don't drive at night) to a North GA Symphony concert at our church.  WOW.  It was tremendous. The kind of music that just sends goosebumps up and down your spine, and makes you close your eyes to take it in.

On the way home from church, we stopped and picked up a friend of Shannon's to spend the night.

This morning we had waffles, bacon, and coffee for breakfast.  (Have I mentioned here that I'm a big girl now, and like coffee?  It's TRUE!  I know, it only took 40 years! Ha!)  After Shan's friend left, we took her to a study group for her Lit. class.  We brought our 15 year old Jack Russell Terrier with us, because she desperately needs a haircut...but the groomer couldn't get us in.  We decided to surprise Shannon with a pet fish (she's been asking, and asking...but we kept saying no) while we were there.  So, we brought the dog (and fish) home and got everything set up.  Can't wait to hear what she decides to name it.

We "installed" a new screen door that the dogs can get through on their own, ate lunch, and I worked on my preschool stuff.  Then it was time to get Shan.  We didn't tell her about the fish...we just let her discover it on her desk when she went in to finish up her homework.  She is excited! It's a real pretty teal/aqua betta fish.

Anyway...I'm BEAT now...good thing tomorrow's Monday!  I can go back to work and rest up from my weekend!  (Wait, no.  I'm a preschool rest at work! LOL)

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