Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Forgotten Blog

Being the awesome blogger that I am, I figured that I should maybe post something!

Hi to anyone who happens to read this! Hope you're having a marvelous day.

Something amazing is happening right now...Patrick and I are ALONE in our home.  This has not happened in TWO years since my parents moved in.  But tonight, my mom is in CA, my dad is staying at my brother's house, and Shannon is at Girl Scout Camporee. Holy cow!

Another amazing happening of the evening, is that Louis, Shannon's pet praying mantis (yes really), laid an egg nest today!  Apparently she is a LOUISE!!!! Wow!  Did you know a praying mantid's egg case can hold 400 babies?  Eep!  Science is so awesome.

Not sure I mentioned this...but it's noteworthy.  The sale of my parents' house fell through.  That's the suckage.  So many things were riding on that sale...but no.

Also, I'm having some financial aid issues....blarg.  I'm breathing deep, having faith, and keeping on keeping on.

Let's see...what else?  I helped name a friend's kitten today.  Volunteered for Shannon's theatre group and sold tickets tonight.  Aaaand, I have midterms next week.  On the agenda for tomorrow?  Church and studying!!!

All in all, life's good...just a few bumps in the road.

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