Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day 2 - Something I love about myself

Well, this hasn't been much easier to think of, lol. I've had this window open for like AN HOUR!

Good heavens...and now it's been like another 30 minutes. OK Cindy...FOCUS!

I love being a parent. I love being a teacher. But those aren't really things about *myself.* Those are things that identify me.

I love that I am a work in progress. I love that I am resilient. I love that I don't give up easily.

Things have been tough the past several years. Some pretty significant "stuff" has happened to me and my family...and I've really dedicated myself to not just throwing in the towel (I'm not talking about marital trouble) or just throwing my hands up in the air and giving up. I've really tried to maintain an attitude of gratitude, and to try to find the lessons in what's been happening.

It has not been easy. It hasn't always been my first instinct to think that way...but I do always get back to this place and I am very glad for it.


CM said...

Good for you! I've had my share of challenges in life too and it's hard, but when you can focus past it and on to something you can be thankful for, it puts things in perspective.

Amy L said...

Neat - we wrote about similar characteristics today. :-)

Kate said...

Why is it so hard to think of things we love about ourselves, but so easy to come up with things we DON'T like???

Love your list though :-)