Friday, January 14, 2011

De-Lurking Day 2011

Do you lurk? I know I'm guilty of it...reading along at someone's blog, but not really taking the time to comment very often.

Well, today is the day to NOT do that. Today is the day to "de-lurk" and leave me a comment! Just let me know you were here. My follower thingy tells me that 85 or so people subscribe say hello, please!

I know I've kind of shot myself in the foot by being so quiet lately.... I am trying to take the time more often to stop in and leave a thought or two. What would you like to hear about? Sometimes I just draw a blank, and then figure it's easier to just post nothing. But I do miss please, let me know what would appeal to pre-school antics? Shannon news? Cindy news? parents living with us news?

We've had a WHOLE WEEK off from school due to our big Atlanta snow storm. I am hearing a lot of grumbling from people about it...but I for one, AM LOVING IT. I say "bring it on!" We've sledded, stayed up late watching movies, built a snowman, made snow angels, took walks, drunk hot chocolate, etc. Pretty much BLISS. Happy sigh.

Oh, and after our week off? We have Monday off for MLK, Jr. Day! Hahahaha!


Colleen said...

I'm here I'm here!!!!

I've been horrible about commenting but I've been reading. And well... mostly I've been busy on facebook playing that silly game. Why are we addicted to Frontierville????

2busy said...

So jealous of your week off of school. No such luck here. I am officially not lurking. :)

Funky Kim said...


Andrea said...

Still lurking. :)

Cindy said...

Hi friends! Thanks for saying hello!

Andrea, OMG! Hi! How are you and your family?

Andrea said...

Hi Cindy! We're good. Still in Oregon - kids are getting big! I'm not blogging but I try to keep up with a few of ya'll via Google Reader. :D