Sunday, January 23, 2011

Keep moving forward

Thanks for the well-wishes and prayers for Lucie...she was released from the hospital on Friday...yes, only SIX DAYS after receiving her liver transplant. She is continuing to recuperate at a friend's home. (She and Patrick's dad live on a sailboat...not the best for recovering easily, lol!)

Things are good here...a busy week last week, so we are spending a lovely weekend relaxing. Yesterday we sold and then delivered our elliptical machine...and that's really all the running around we've done! Today we're just watching football, lol!

Shannon had a big week too...she won her class spelling bee a few weeks ago, so she got to move on to the school bee, which was Wednesday. After winning the school bee every year since 3rd grade, she came in 4th this year. She was disappointed for a few minutes, but by the end of the bee, I think she was actually relieved! Hahaha! That same night, she got to take her Social Science Fair project to the County level...and we found out the following day she made it to Regionals. So very proud of that girl!

On a personal note, I'm working on setting goals for myself. It's embarrassing (?) to realize that I've gotten so wrapped up in day-to-day stuff that I haven't been forward thinking much. Kind of sad to me that I'm having a hard time remembering what I'm interested in. Sigh. Working on it!

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Colleen said...

That last paragraph could totally have been written by me. It's all so very much the day-to-day stuff. I'm so busy with the girls that I forget about myself.