Saturday, July 9, 2011


My gosh, this week passed in a blur.

When I left off, Shan had piano lessons...and then she offered to help prep crafts for next week's Girl Scout camp. (And proud mom alert...she was the ONLY counselor that offered to help or showed up.)

That night, Patrick and I went out on a date. We went out for sushi...and I was SO brave. I ate EEL! Anyway, then we went to see Larry Crowne and enjoyed it a lot! It's just a nice story. No big drama, just a story. T'was fun.

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Thursday, we took Shannon out to Rome, GA to see Berry College. I think we might have a top contender on her list now. Not only is it strong academically, has a small student population, and just feels *right*...Shannon thought it looked like Hogwarts, lol. In fact, as we walked around, she kept the Harry Potter soundtrack playing on her iPod and had one earbud in. Hahahaha!

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That night, she and I went over to my bestie's house (who has a daughter a few years younger than Shan) for a sleepover. Oh my stars, we had so MUCH fun. "What happens at Vegas stays in Vegas" type of fun, lol!!! We went to sleep at 5 am.

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And THEN, we got up at 9:30 to drop Shannon off for a counselor team building outing. They went to this cool thing called Dialog in the Dark, down in Atlanta. It's an exhibit that takes place in complete darkness, that forces you to rely on all of your other senses. She LOVED it.

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At 5:30 when we picked her up, I expected her to be exhausted. Instead, she said "Hey mom! K is having her bible study tonight...well, right now. Can I go?" So instead of bringing her home and putting her to bed, I dropped her off at the neighbors.

Today has at least been spent at home, but we shampooed all the carpets and then went to the pool while they dried. Patrick grilled us steaks for dinner while my mom and I did asparagus and salt crusted baked potatoes. Yummmmm-o!!!

So anyway! The summer fun continues! Shannon's got open house for GS camp tomorrow, and then camp is all next week.

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