Wednesday, July 27, 2011


My Dad's surgery was a week ago, and he's recovering pretty well. He has COPD, so his lungs are having a hard time. Since surgery, he gets into respiratory distress when they have him move around too much, so we're having to be really careful of that. Plus, he's still retaining a lot of fluid in his chest cavity, which of course is affecting his ability to breathe deeply. We're looking at maybe Friday as the first chance he may come home. He will most likely come home on oxygen.

I kinda got to the end of my rope yesterday. It's been a long, long 2-1/2 weeks. I've been spending all day, every day at the hospital. I've been doing all the driving (it's down in Atlanta), running of the errands midday, hustling doctors, etc...and with all the worry, etc...I was just overwhelmed. I found myself just over-emotional. Weepy, angry, anxious, etc. Patrick took my mom today, so I could have a "day off." I spent the day with Shannon, which was just what I needed.

We did some back to school shopping, and got haircuts.

If you'd keep sending prayers this way, I'd appreciate it!!! <3

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