Thursday, April 5, 2012

Like a boss

It feels good to blog again! Can you tell? Two posts in one day...after months of silence.

I've had SO much on my mind, changing my life path, leaving my job that I've held for 10 years, going back to college, etc. etc. But...I couldn't talk about it! I had to wait until I'd notified my boss on my letter of intent for next school year, and then go through the process of letting preschool parents know, etc. So *I* knew my life was about to make a 180, but I couldn't let it out yet!

Ahhhhh.... feels good to be out in the open again! LOL!

So anyway. I went and took my placement tests today. I thought it'd be quick and easy. Ha! It was neither. But it was, however, very good. I scored 100% on the writing test, which was actually hard! It was proofreading essays. I scored 100% on the reading test, which wasn't hard...but very boring. And then I scored 94% on the pre-algebra test, which was very I was incredibly surprised at my score. I tested into diploma-level algebra. God help me! LOL! I can do this, I can do this, I can DO THIS!

After my testing, I went and talked to a counselor, then a person in admissions, and THEN someone in financial aid. By the time we left, I was pretty much a quivering mass...but it's all good!

Feeling pretty proud of my day today!