Thursday, April 5, 2012

My big secret


You may have noticed, but my blog has been dead here for a few months. I've had something big going on, but I couldn't talk about it yet. I needed to let certain people know first, etc. Finally the "secret" is out, and now I can blog again, ha!

This is my last year at the preschool where I've taught for 10 years. I am going back to college to study to be surgical tech. I am scared to death, but SO excited.

Today I'm going to the school to take my placement tests. I haven't taken a test in over 20 years! I'm a little nervous...but whatever. I'll do what I can do, and get placed where I'm meant to.

But here I go! Gonna go create a new future.

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Colleen said...

I'm late in my reading... but so exciting!!!! I hope you killed the placement test.