Sunday, September 16, 2012

Life of a Student

The pattern and flow of my life has dramatically changed since going back to school.  I go to bed earlier, but much more tired.  I wake up at about same time, but with a much different agenda to my days.  Some days I hustle right out the door.  Other days I have time in the morning to get things done, study some...not leaving for school til just before lunchtime.  My time at school is pretty hectic and full. I like the rhythm to my life now...but I'm not good at it yet!

We are still struggling to find and carve out our walking time.  Studying MUST happen, and then we are suddenly DEAD tired.  Or, there are appointments that can't be changed, or a sick child to take care of.  Whatever.  We'll keep plugging away at it.  There's no we'll just do our best.

That 80 on my English paper really through me for a loop, but I'm happy to report that I got a 94% on a major test we took on Thursday.  Steps in the right direction!  We have another writing assignment to do this coming Thursday.  I'm cautiously optimistic that now that I know how she grades, I can be more watchful to my writing style.  We shall see!

Crazily enough, my Math class is giving me NO trouble at all, and I'm rocking a 101% average right now.  My two medical classes are great. I love them.  Anatomy & Physiology pushes me harder than Medical Terminology does, but I have very high A's in both of them, too.  The work is getting more detailed and the expectations higher...but so far, so good!  I love it.

We're only about a month in, but I'm already starting to think about the classes I'll be registering for next semester. I've made some sweet friends at school already, and we're gonna try to get some of our classes together.  That'll be fun...and makes me feel 16!  LOL!

Dad is doing well, but his immune system is basically gone. He has an oncology appointment tomorrow, and then his second round of chemo begins next Monday.

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