Monday, September 3, 2012

Making a goal adjustment

On July 15, Patrick and I set ourselves a goal to walk 300 miles in 90 days.  In our first month we walked 88 miles.

We have continued walking as often, and as far as we can...but between my dad's cancer diagnosis and starting treatment, and us starting school and the homework/studying that goes with it...We are at about day 45, and we're at "only" 121 miles.

Family, church, and school have GOT to be our number one priority, with fitness coming in right behind.  I could feel my Virgo tendencies starting to stress that we weren't going to reach our goal. Rather than have that spin me around into a "why even try, then?" attitude...I told Patrick that I needed for us to adjust the goal.

Our new goal is this:  To walk as far and as often as we can (a minimum of 3x per week) for 90 days, and to see how far we get!  I have a feeling that once the 90 days are over, we're not going to stop, either.


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Kim @ Stuff could... said...

Yay!! this is a great achievement so far...and a good habit in the future