Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday was kind of a Monday.

I got my score on my first writing assignment today...and I got an 80.  I was SO disappointed.  Thank goodness I got my score at home, because I literally sat down and cried.  I really thought I did a lot better, and I never would have thought that English would be my hard class!  Sigh.  Lots of room for improvement.  I lost 8 points for commas. Ugh.  I have always thought I write and speak fairly well, but apparently not as well as I'd have hoped!

We have our first big grammar test on Thursday. I was already nervous about I'm really concerned!  I sat tonight, and did two complete modules (online) from our grammar book.  I looked back to see my progress, and the it had only logged one module.  Argh!!!!  I'd had it with English and Grammar at that point!

The big news of the day is that Patrick changed his major.  It's a long involved story, filled with much heartache (for him), introspective thinking and realizations...but he has switched from respiratory therapy to radiology.  Hopefully next fall, he'll be accepted into the X-Ray Tech program!  We're gonna need lots of positive thoughts late next spring; he'll be applying for the X-Ray program, and I'll be applying for the Surg Tech program!

Anyway.  It wasn't my favorite day.  Very tumultuous, and lots of feelings.

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