Saturday, March 16, 2013

Catch Up

Whew.  Another big week.

Yesterday, our sweet 16-year-old dog, Daisy Mae, passed away. The house is definitely quieter without her.  We got Daisy when Shannon was 5 months old.  So hard to believe she's gone, but we're comforted knowing that she simply went to sleep, and woke up able-bodied, able to see and hear...and is happily chasing squirrels again.  Until we meet again, sweet girl.

Today, another foster family welcomed Ziggy to their home.  They seem thrilled by him, and he is happy there, too.  I sat and talked with them for about an hour, and by the time I left, he was lying on the floor, chewing a dog toy.  He is SUCH a sweet was very hard to do the responsible thing, but I know he will make someone a wonderful forever pet.

In happier news, Patrick and I took our first overnight backpacking trip! We did the Coosa Backcountry Loop.  It was "only" about 11.5 miles...but it was steep.  Some parts of the trail have a 60% incline. Oh Em Gee.  There is such a neat feeling to have everything you need strapped right on your back.  Walking and climbing through God's creation is an amazing experience.  Our biggest highlight was seeing a flying squirrel!  We were shocked by it, and haven't stopped talking about it.  The "worst" part was that it was FREEEEEZING the night we were out.  Literally, the temperature was 25 degrees, with windchills to the low teens.  We loved it, but I think we're gonna wait til a little later in the Spring (when things are warmer at night) before we do it again, lol!!!

This has been our Spring Break week.  It's been full of highs and lows...but mostly it's been full.  I just need to keep counting my blessings.

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