Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Roller coaster of a day

Oh Em Gee.  This day took me for a ride.

This morning I got a call from a lady who says she recognized Ziggy's picture as her neighbor's dog.  She took the people our phone number, but they didn't speak English very well.  Apparently they said they'd get someone to call us.  We're really happy that maybe we've found his family and can reunite them...but then...we LOVE him and want to keep him forever.  Of course if they come forward, we will give him back.  But of course, now (skipping to the end of the story, lol)'s been 15 hours since that lady called, and we  haven't heard anything.  I don't know what that means.  If my dog was lost, and someone (even speaking another language) told me where to find her?  I'd be there in a heartbeat.  So...IDK.

Then I had midterms at school.  First, I took my vital signs practical exam, which means I had to demonstrate all the steps of taking and recording vital signs and anthropometric measurements.  I was nervous about it, but did fine.  Then, literally with 2 minutes in between, I went right into my Cultural Diversity in Healthcare midterm. It was HARD.  Like, really HARD.  I was super relieved to get a 92% on it.

So we get home tonight and play with the dogs, and eat dinner.  Some time about 8pm, we look at Rosie (our black and white chihuahua) and realize she doesn't look right.  She's kind of twitching and her face looks weird. One of our other dogs has occasional seizures, so we thought maybe she was having one.  But, it just didn't stop.  When I tried to have her bear weight, her legs were all floppy, and her eyes were twitchy, yet didn't seem to be seeing.  It was so scary. She was so out of it that I literally thought she was going to die right there on my bedroom floor.  We took her to the emergency vet to see what was wrong.  I could think of NOTHING that might have a happy ending.

The doctor agreed that her symptoms were neurological.  We decided to run blood-work to see if maybe she had an infection.  She did also have a fever. I was praying and praying it was an infection, because the other things he mentioned...brain tumor, stroke, organ failure...are just too sad to even consider.

About the time the blood-work processed, Rosie began to perk up on her own.  She was able to walk, and recognized me.  She even stood up on her hind legs (I was sitting in a chair) for me to lift her up.  Talk about tears of relief.  The doctor is still unsure what has happened.  She could have had some weird seizure, or even a TIA.  It *could* be a one-time thing that she recovers from and we won't have to worry about again...or, it could be the beginning of something awful. She is staying overnight at the hospital for observation and fluids.  Would you please say a prayer for my girl?

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