Friday, March 8, 2013

Happies and Crappies

Hoo-boy, it's finally Friday.  That means it's time for Happies and Crappies...hosted by the lovely Sarah and Stephanie.  Let me know if you participate, so I can come read about your week!

This week was unreal.  So many things happened that COULD be on the crappy list, but then managed to have a happy ending.  My heart has been both broken and overjoyed this week. I'm exhausted.
Scissors and a Whisk: Happies and Crappies Link Up

  • I had two big tests at school this week, and both went really well.  I passed my vital signs practical exam, and got a 92% on my Cultural Diversity midterm.
  • My sweet chihuahua Rosie had a terrible health scare on Tuesday night.  It was either a terrible 2-hour seizure, or a stroke.  I honestly believed that she was dying.  Blessedly, she came out of it, and is here with us...her happy Rosie-self.
  • I found a stray dog in the highway on Saturday afternoon.  I brought him home (to keep him safe), and we fell in love with him.  He is *the best* dog.  We decided that if his people didn't come forward that we would keep him.  Then, after Rosie's health scare, we decided we just couldn't commit to a new-guy.  We have agreed to foster him until Tuesday, and then he'll go to another foster family.  Oh my heart.
  • Today was the last day of school before Spring Break.
  • I'm choosing to look at the good side of Rosie's health scare, but oh my God I was so scared and sad at the prospect of losing my girl.  It was awful.
  • Deciding to give up Ziggy (the stray) was so hard.  He fits in so beautifully here...but it's not fair to our other dogs, nor is it responsible for us to over-commit ourselves to another pet at this time.  I am happy though with how it's turned out.
  • We were expecting a several thousand dollar tax refund.  Our refund was deposited this week, and we discovered that we'd made a mistake on our return.  We got $800 back.  This was a punch to the gut. We've been planning on that money, and as full-time students on financial aid could REALLY use it.  But we will survive.
I'm worn out.  This week was really tough.

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