Monday, August 27, 2012

New Normal?

Wow...I don't know how people go to school full-time AND work full-time.  They get a major fist-bump (typed fish-bump..hahaha!) from me!  This full-time school thing is NO joke.  By the time Friday rolled around last week, I felt like I'd bruised my brain! Ha!  Hopefully as I keep up this pace, my brain and body will adjust and I won't always feel *quite* so overwhelmed.  I'm writing from the school library again.  I've been in here studying since 8:15, and it was time to take a break.

I have my first Anatomy and Physiology text tomorrow.  I'm a little nervous about it, because I've never done it before...but we did take a practice test last Thursday and I only missed one.  So, hopefully that's a good indication of grades to come!

Kate asked in my comments what a career in surgical technology is.  The Mayo Clinic website describes it much more succinctly than I could, lol!

"Surgical technologists, also called "scrubs," or "operating room technicians," assist in surgeries under the supervision of surgeons, registered nurses or other surgical personnel. Surgical technologists are members of operating room teams, which most commonly include surgeons, anesthesiologists and circulating nurses.

Before an operation, surgical technologists help prepare the operating room by setting up surgical instruments and equipment, sterile drapes and sterile solutions. They assemble both sterile and non-sterile equipment and ensure it's working properly.
Technologists also prepare patients for surgery by washing, clipping and disinfecting incision sites. They transport patients to the operating room, help position them on the operating table and cover them with sterile surgical drapes. Technologists also assist the surgical team with putting on sterile gowns and gloves."

Patrick and I did a 7 mile hike this weekend, bringing our walking total to 114 miles each.  I'm gonna be honest here and say that I'm not totally sure we're going to hit our goal of 300 miles in 90 days...but we are going to do the BEST we can.  I'd love to see us reach that goal, but we are finding that occasionally there just aren't enough hours in the day, or miles in our feet! But we are going to walk walk walk further and more often than we ever have.  That's still a victory, right?

My dad starts chemo today.  I'm nervous.  I want to respect his wishes...but I also really hope that his health concerns + chemo isn't a disaster.  I guess time will tell.  We went to church together yesterday morning, and had a really nice family dinner (his favorite: steak and tater tots, lol) last night.  I know we are entering the final chapter in his life, and I just want to help make it was good and positive (and love-filled) as possible.

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