Sunday, March 3, 2013

Another dog!

I had some excitement yesterday. 

I was driving home from picking up my's FINALLY fixed. I haven't been driving it since before Christmas. 

Anyway, I was driving home, happy...when I almost hit a dog! It was right in the road...and little! I pulled over to see if he'd come to me, and he ran further up the road. I felt vested, and he was SO small, I decided to see if I could get him. (If my littles ever got out, I *hope* someone would try to help them.) 

So, I was running up the shoulder of the road. Other cars were slowing and stopping, trying to help. Another girl got out and was helping. Finally (after about a half-mile), we got him to where we could pick him up. Now what??? The girl assumed he was mine, since I was running after him. 

I brought him home, and set him up in the garage with blankets, a kennel, food, water, etc. We've put up "FOUND DOG" posters, I posted on all of our local FB pages, and contacted the local humane society and some local vets.  If he's still here on Monday we'll take him to our vet to see if he's microchipped. 

We never in a million years thought we'd consider ANOTHER dog, but with Daisy sooo old, honestly, if we kept him, it won't be too long before we're back to the number we're used to. So. We have a dog in our garage. We're trying to find his people...but we might end up keeping him.  (And oh...I'm totally counting that run down the road (probably a mile round-trip, in Toms shoes, and short sleeves, in 34 degree weather) as my workout for the day.)

Here are a couple pics of him.  Yes, his tongue always does that...he's missing teeth on that side. The picture of him in our garage is from yesterday, right after I brought him home. He was very skittish, and pretty much hiding behind Patrick's toolbox.  The second picture is from today.  Sound asleep in our kitchen while I did homework.  I think he has relaxed. (Modesty flower added for your comfort.)

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Funky Kim said...

Modesty patches for dogs crack me up!

Anonymous said...

Aww sweet dog. That is so considering of you to go through all the effort of getting him! He could've gotten hurt :(

You could also go to any vet office and get them to check if he has a chip. From the photo, he looks relatively well taken care of...maybe someone lost him. However, if he was lose (and not neutered) the chances are the people didn't take care of him properly in the first place.

Good luck! :)