Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

Hard to believe that TWENTY years ago I turned 21...but it's the truth!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Here we go again, lol

Another writing assignment tomorrow.  I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous.  I have NO confidence that I will deliver what this professor is actually looking for...but I will do my best.  I really don't like NOT knowing the topic until we walk in the door, either.  I just feel like I can't begin to prepare until I get there...and that's not my style.  Oh well.  This isn't my favorite class, and that surprises me.  I fully expected to love my English class and dislike my Math class...and the opposite has proven to be true.  Color me shocked.

I have a quiz in A & P tomorrow too.  Hopefully that will go fine.  I'm not really nervous about that one, because I've been studying.  I'll just be glad when it's over, y'know?

And then...guess what it is.

My birthday weekend!  My birthday is on Saturday!!! Woohoo!  We don't really have any big plans...but my parents are taking us out to dinner Friday night.  I'm LOVING how the weather is beginning to cool down, so maybe a Jeep outing and hike would be just right for the actual birthday?  Not sure.  We'll just see what feels right.

We bought ourselves a new toy this week...a Keurig machine!  Now we're having fun trying out different flavored coffees (well, I'm trying the flavors...Patrick's just trying different brands, brews, roasts, etc...he doesn't do flavors), etc.  What's your favorite K-Cup?  Where do you find the best prices on them?  Help a newbie out?

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Life of a Student

The pattern and flow of my life has dramatically changed since going back to school.  I go to bed earlier, but much more tired.  I wake up at about same time, but with a much different agenda to my days.  Some days I hustle right out the door.  Other days I have time in the morning to get things done, study some...not leaving for school til just before lunchtime.  My time at school is pretty hectic and full. I like the rhythm to my life now...but I'm not good at it yet!

We are still struggling to find and carve out our walking time.  Studying MUST happen, and then we are suddenly DEAD tired.  Or, there are appointments that can't be changed, or a sick child to take care of.  Whatever.  We'll keep plugging away at it.  There's no we'll just do our best.

That 80 on my English paper really through me for a loop, but I'm happy to report that I got a 94% on a major test we took on Thursday.  Steps in the right direction!  We have another writing assignment to do this coming Thursday.  I'm cautiously optimistic that now that I know how she grades, I can be more watchful to my writing style.  We shall see!

Crazily enough, my Math class is giving me NO trouble at all, and I'm rocking a 101% average right now.  My two medical classes are great. I love them.  Anatomy & Physiology pushes me harder than Medical Terminology does, but I have very high A's in both of them, too.  The work is getting more detailed and the expectations higher...but so far, so good!  I love it.

We're only about a month in, but I'm already starting to think about the classes I'll be registering for next semester. I've made some sweet friends at school already, and we're gonna try to get some of our classes together.  That'll be fun...and makes me feel 16!  LOL!

Dad is doing well, but his immune system is basically gone. He has an oncology appointment tomorrow, and then his second round of chemo begins next Monday.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday was kind of a Monday.

I got my score on my first writing assignment today...and I got an 80.  I was SO disappointed.  Thank goodness I got my score at home, because I literally sat down and cried.  I really thought I did a lot better, and I never would have thought that English would be my hard class!  Sigh.  Lots of room for improvement.  I lost 8 points for commas. Ugh.  I have always thought I write and speak fairly well, but apparently not as well as I'd have hoped!

We have our first big grammar test on Thursday. I was already nervous about I'm really concerned!  I sat tonight, and did two complete modules (online) from our grammar book.  I looked back to see my progress, and the it had only logged one module.  Argh!!!!  I'd had it with English and Grammar at that point!

The big news of the day is that Patrick changed his major.  It's a long involved story, filled with much heartache (for him), introspective thinking and realizations...but he has switched from respiratory therapy to radiology.  Hopefully next fall, he'll be accepted into the X-Ray Tech program!  We're gonna need lots of positive thoughts late next spring; he'll be applying for the X-Ray program, and I'll be applying for the Surg Tech program!

Anyway.  It wasn't my favorite day.  Very tumultuous, and lots of feelings.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Making a goal adjustment

On July 15, Patrick and I set ourselves a goal to walk 300 miles in 90 days.  In our first month we walked 88 miles.

We have continued walking as often, and as far as we can...but between my dad's cancer diagnosis and starting treatment, and us starting school and the homework/studying that goes with it...We are at about day 45, and we're at "only" 121 miles.

Family, church, and school have GOT to be our number one priority, with fitness coming in right behind.  I could feel my Virgo tendencies starting to stress that we weren't going to reach our goal. Rather than have that spin me around into a "why even try, then?" attitude...I told Patrick that I needed for us to adjust the goal.

Our new goal is this:  To walk as far and as often as we can (a minimum of 3x per week) for 90 days, and to see how far we get!  I have a feeling that once the 90 days are over, we're not going to stop, either.