Monday, August 16, 2010

Oh wow!

Today's been quite a day!

First, I had another post-op appointment. Things are going doctor was pleased with my recovery so far! The pathology report showed a two conditions, neither of which I need to worry about now, but make me VERY glad that I decided to have the surgery when I did. I've been cleared for walking (for exercise), which excites me!

Patrick and I stopped on our way home from the doctor, and took a walk! It was so wonderful to be outdoors again (versus in bed, on the couch, etc.) It felt good to notice the beautiful creation all around us...yellow butterflies on red flowers, tiny fish swimming in the stream next to the trail, vines on the trees, blue tailed lizards, etc. I took a picture with Patrick's phone...just to remind me of how glorious it was. We walked 1.6 miles in 40 minutes, which is REALLY slow, but not bad for my first time out.

This afternoon in the mail, Shannon received an invitation to apply for a full-ride scholarship to a very prestigious prep school located out of state. Whoa! We've always told her to follow her dreams, and to shoot for the, she's going for it. Can you imagine? Eeep!


Stephanie M. Page said...

wow and wow!! So glad to hear your doing so well!!

MrsDoF said...

Out-of state! she's what! 12 years?
Oh, my. I had a hard enough time letting my sons go when they got married!

Although the kid across the street went away to a good school at 14. And he is doing just fine.

Glad to know you are taking walks with your sweetie.