Friday, August 20, 2010

A work week

So I just finished a week of pre-planning at preschool. All of my co-workers were super helpful, and I'd done enough set-up in July that I didn't overdo it. Still, I am EXHAUSTED now from it. I plan to do NOTHING but recuperate this weekend.

Some of my fatigue is the good kind though. The "I'm back into my routine" tired. Some of the "I love what I do, and I'm renewed and ready to get started" tired. But throw in some "I just had major surgery 3 weeks ago" tired? And I'm reaaaaaaaaaallly tired! LOL!

There was a HUGE influx of twos this year, and we went from having five classes of twos (2 on MWF and 3 on TTh) to having seven! (2 on MWF and 5 on TTh) Being the age-level coordinator, training the "newbies" is up to I've been really busy with that too. Getting their curriculum ready, explaining things to them, giving them pointers for their rooms etc. I hope it's a great year!

It's getting ready to storm here, and I love a good I'm off to enjoy it!

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