Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Post Op...and back to work!

So yesterday was 2 weeks since surgery, and tomorrow I go back to work. Thank God it's only half days. (It's not time for the kids yet...this is our pre-planning time.) I'm positive I'm not ready for full days. I've been going out on "mini errands" every day for the past week. Sometimes walking around where we're going, and other times just waiting in the car...but every time we get home, I need to lie down for a few hours.

Before surgery, P and I went in and put up all my bulletin boards...which involves lifting, crawling, etc. So that's good.

I've made a big list of "running around" stuff for my aide to do. She's great, so I know that's fine...but it's hard for me to hand off what I perceive to be MY stuff.

Waistbands are still NOT my friends, so I went today and got three dresses. Between those and the 2 pair of pants I can tolerate, at least I have something different to wear each day.

I had my urology post-op today, and so far everything looks good. Do you want specifics? or just to know things seem to be ok? LOL! Whenever I start talking about this stuff, I kinda feel like everybody goes "Oh good...bladder news!" Hahahahaha!



Allied Moms said...

Hey Sweet friend, it's Steph, and I am glad to hear your doing well...I am praying for you tomorrow. You can text me specifics if you want!! =) =) loves!

Ann said...

Hi, I am visiting from iFellowship. I hope you have a blessed week. I was reading about your surgery. Hope you are as good as new soon!
Take care!

Joy said...

Stopping by to say hi from iFellowship! Hope you heal quickly from your surgery!

Jennifer said...

Hi Cindy, keep going, day by day! One day you'll be past all of this.