Saturday, April 27, 2013


My anxiety is pushing back today. I'm not sure why, although I can think of a few reasons.

I haven't been feeling great, we're coming into finals week, my dad's health isn't great, the month is ending and the money's tight, I'm going on a solo road trip next week. Any one of those can cause me anxiety, so all of them together? I shouldn't be surprised. But still I don't like feeling this way.

I don't like over analyzing every feeling I have to try to identify if it's legitimate or not. That's exhausting.

Patrick's head is really hurting today (I hurts everyday, but today it's really a bad one), so his demeanor is "playing" right into my anxious feelings. My psyche sees his demeanor, and I feel myself thinking "see? he's nervous about XXX too." Ugh. So. What to do?

I've been studying some for finals, and doing some house-cleaning. But I find myself pretty distracted. I should probably work out. I should write in my journal. I guess those are two good places to start.

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