Friday, April 26, 2013

Study-for-Finals Friday

I can't believe this semester is nearly over. It has flown by, and with it, my first "year" of college and all of my pre-requisite classes, end too.

As you might remember, I finished my computer class early, so I have three finals still to take. One of them will be in, take at home. I can take it any time between 4/28 and 5/2. The other two (which are also the hard two) are on Tuesday. Guess what I'll be doing this weekend???

I haven't felt very well this week. My allergies fired up in full force, and I've been exhausted with sore throat and ears all week. My head has also been very "swimmy," which I hope is allergy related, too. Because of how rotten I've been feeling, I haven't worked out. Boo. And when I don't work out, I don't eat quite as well. Nothing horrible to report, just not as careful as I was being. And probably related to allllll of that, my anxiety has been acting up a bit too. Again, nothing major...just there.

Some things that have brightened this week relate to my wonderful friends. I have one new friendship blossoming, and two "old?" friendships that are just such a blessing to me. I am a lucky girl.

Shan is ushering for a school play tonight, and then is having a friend sleep over. My house is as clean as it gets and dinner is in the crockpot. I guess it's time to hit the textbooks again!

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