Thursday, April 22, 2010

A couple of pics from my weekend

My friends and I have some less than flattering shots of each other now...but we have mutually agreed to keep them to ourselves, lol. Part of our "mantra" of the weekend was "What happens at Hartwell, stays at Hartwell." But the other part was "No Facebook!" Meaning, we can't share any of that craziness in our FB albums, lol. Only too happy to oblige, lol!

But I do have a couple cute pics that I want to share!

First, a cute group pic, taken the first night we got there. We were sitting on my friends docked boat, after midnight...just laughing like a bunch of fools. I wanted to see if I could get my timer to work on my camera...and cha-ching! I could!

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That's me in the foreground, in case you're unsure.

Here I am, with my friend Teresa, on my first-ever Sea-Doo ride! I went on many more that day...but this is my first! Go me!

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And one of us, a bit closer in:
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Me, on the boat...enjoying a fun and beautiful day!
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