Sunday, April 25, 2010

A sweet weekend

I'm feeling pretty blessed tonight. It's been a really nice, family weekend.

Shannon and I had a fun girlie day yesterday. We started off going for haircuts, and then I finally talked her into get her brows waxed for the first time.


We had already planned to go bathing suit shopping, so after our brows were done, we headed down to the mall. We found two cute suits for her, and one for me. I also got a CUTE pair of sunglasses. All on sale! Woot!

After that, we just sorta mall-crawled for awhile. Went to Hot Topic, know, the good stuff. We were having good talks about growing up, who she wants to be, etc. it was just nice.

Shannon asked me if she could get her ears double-pierced, and I couldn't see why I said yes. We went to Claire's, and as it turned out...Shan wanted a cartilage piercing. I've had that before, so I told her how much it was going to hurt, how long it takes to heal, how she wouldn't be able to sleep on that side, etc...and she still wanted it. I think I shocked her by saying OK, but you know what? It's an ear. It's really ok with me. So...she got it done! I sent Patrick a picture of it with the caption "Baby's First Body Mod." LOL! He wrote back and said "OMG! I'm 100 years old!" Ha!



After that we came home and watched movies, snuggled, etc. Just nice.

This morning, we dropped her off for her Confirmation class and Patrick and I went out to breakfast...alone! LOVELY! After we picked her up, Shannon commented on what a pretty day it was, and how it'd be a great day to go to the park. A new green space has opened near us, so I said that we ought to go check it out. We went over there...and OMG! It was sooo beautiful! Gorgeous walking/biking path...and it was SO fun! We ended up walking 3 miles!


We came home and Shan worked on her homework. Patrick watched NASCAR, and I laid out on the deck reading a Sookie Stackhouse book. FANTASTIC! Shan and I went to a Bible study potluck tonight. Good fun, good food, and good fellowship. When we got home, Patrick had vacuumed the entire upstairs, and cleaned our master bathroom. Talk about bliss.

I love my family.


Tricia said...

sounds like a LOVELY weekend! Shans eyebrows look so pretty! I have been wanting to try threading mine.....
Love her new earring too. She is getting so grown up. *sniff*

Laura said...

Sounds blissful, Cindy - you are very blessed! (And your family is blessed to have you, too. You were all made for each other!)

Just Me said...

What a beautiful,delicious, yummy, weekend you had!! SO fun!

MollyinMinn said...

What a fabulous girly weekend! I loved reading about it!