Thursday, April 15, 2010


Not sure if you can't see the pics I linked to in my previous post, or if no one is stopping by, lol! It's funny to finally post pictures, and then to be able to hear the crickets chirp! LOL! I'm actually giggling at this, not being sarcastic. I had myself in such a "yank" to get these pictures up, and now I can see that the unrealistic time-line was all within myself.

Even more ironic, is that I was coming to blog about how I'm ticking off things, one by one, from my to-do list...and I slowly feel like I *might* make it! Aaaaah...what's with me and time-lines!?!

I'm going out of town tomorrow afternoon with girlfriends...but before that, there have been SO MANY things that need to get done.

Shop for food to take on trip.
Prepare bible study lesson for someone else to teach.
Make poster to hang at art show.
Set up for art show (tomorrow after preschool).
Babysit this afternoon.
Babysit tomorrow afternoon.
Get Shan to her meeting with clergy session.
Pick up fundraiser check for Shan tonight.
Look over 3Day Crew paperwork...I think I'm signing up again! Woot!
Pack! (Oh yeah! Pack...I almost forgot that one. Srsly.)

I can doooo iiiiiit. I've been putting one foot in front of the other, just trying to get things finished.

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Jennifer @ The Toy Box Years said...

Ooohhh!!! Have fun with your girlie weekend! Where are you going - or is that top secret? LOL!

Will pop over to see your pictures shortly!

Have a great weekend!