Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dear God, Thank you for Spring Break. Amen.

I survived March!!! And I am SO grateful to have behind me. Not only was it incredibly busy, or as Ria at Life as a Wife! says..."it was FULL." But, there were also a few really stressful zingers thrown in there, too.

I've fallen behind on my Beth Moore Insecurity reading, but have plans to read Chapter 4 either tonight or tomorrow. Shannon is at a band fundraiser tonight, so I may just veg, and let my mind unwind. I can sleep in tomorrow. (Thank you, Lord!) Patrick has an appointment at 11, Shannon has to be at a birthday party at noon, and then I'm babysitting from 12:30 til 4:30. After that I'm officially off until 4/12. relax.


drea said...

sweet! enjoy your rest time.

Ria Thurston said...

Oh, you are SO sweet to link back to me :) Yes... Full indeed. Praise the Lord for good VEG times, they are good for the soul!! Enjoy your time off - You go girl!

Danielle said...

Enjoy your time relaxing! I will be doing the same. After tomorrow, I am off for 9 days. Yay for us!