Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mom n Me Monday

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Monday already? Well...actually not quite...but look at me! Ahead of the game! Woot! Julie at The Peanut Gallery...Exit Here hosts one of my favorite blog carnivals. It's called Mom n Me, and is meant to encourage moms to get out from BEHIND the camera, and into the pictures with their kids.

This week, Shannon and I went to Nashville. We just stayed one night, but we went to the zoo, the Parthenon (the REAL reason we went), and saw the State Capitol building. Shannon is a huge Greek mythology buff, so once she learned that there was a Parthenon in Nashville, she HAD to go.

I have LOTS more pictures to resize and upload...but here are the "selfies" we took of ourselves.

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Just Me said...

I love it! You guys look sooo much alike. Thanks for the ooober fun pictures!!!

Danielle said...

Wow. It is like looking at twins!!

Love your pictures. Glad you all enjoyed some time together.

Julie said...

It looks like you both had a blast. I still can't get over it. You guys look like sister!

Angie said...

So who is who?
I like the word "selfies" I am going to use that! It look like you to had some great fun!

Kate said...

I love it when you post pics of yourself and I don't care if that sounds creepy!

Jenilee said...

what fun pictures! :) enjoyed your post! and you do look like sisters!

Arizona Mamma said...

How fun! Did she read the Pearcy Jackson books? My stepson loved them!

Natalie said...

My mom bought me a handbag mirror a while back that says "When I looked in the mirroe today I wondered what my mom was doing there!"....and I think that applies to you guys aswell.

Loved your pics, I can never get the 'selfies" right they always come out looking very funny!