Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Empty Nesters

I keep meaning to sit down and blog, but I just never do! Patrick and I are home alone, and it's...kinda weird! Such a change from our regular day to day. I guess this is what it will be like when Shan goes off to college! We are kind of different from a lot of couples though...in that Patrick is disabled, and can't work...and I'm a teacher, so I'm home during the summer. So...we're home alone 24/7 right now! Good thing we're best friends, huh? LOL!!!

Our 4th of July was good! Our city is weird, and did fireworks on Friday the 2nd. (Apparently it's not a good Christian thing to do them on the 4th? (If Halloween falls on a Sunday, people don't trick-or-treat here on that day, either!) I don't know...but why not the 3rd? Maybe they got a good deal if they went on the 2nd.) Anyway. We went Friday night and saw the fireworks. I LOVE fireworks. I don't know why...but they're just magical to me. I actually get a little choked up!

Saturday we cleaned our garage. I know, how exciting right? But listen to this. We back Patrick's truck up to the garage, and just chucked in junk that we don't need. Stuff we NEVER use, etc. And took it to the dump! It's outta here, baby!!! The way they charge at our dump is by weight. You pull onto a scale as you enter, and then you pull onto a scale as you leave...and they charge by pound. We dumped 680 pounds!!! OMG! Isn't that wild? (And this is our 4th dump run this month!) I LOVE getting rid of junk! (But am slightly scared that this now makes it sound like we live in a junkyard or something. I assure you...we don't.)

So then, Saturday night, we headed over to Woodstock to the Dixie Speedway for some dirt-track racing and more fireworks. A really neat thing happened...right at 9:30, behind turn 2...the Woodstock city firework show went off! We got a bonus firework show! Neato! They were really good, too. Then, after that heat of racing, at like 10pm...we saw the Speedway fireworks. SO fun!

Something really hilarious happened at the track. We were sitting next to this grandma and her two grandsons. One of the grandsons was grown...probably 24-ish, and the other was like 10. At one point, the grown up grandson got popcorn for them. Awhile later, I happened to look over at them. The grandma was making that "I have something stuck in my teeth" face, and moving her tongue around. Suddenly, she pops her teeth out, picks out the popcorn hull...and then puts her teeth back in! OMG, it was SO funny! It just struck me SO funny...but I mean, how handy for getting popcorn hulls out of your teeth, right?

Our 4th was nice. We barbecued chicken, and ate lots of watermelon. We shot some fireworks off in the driveway and just chilled! Very nice! It was weird not having Shannon home, but knowing she was having such fun, watching fireworks on the beach kinda made up for it. :-)


Stephanie M. Page said...

I might be a little jealous of your big long date! =)

I think it is hillarioius that when things fall on sunday, they get done a diff. day! =)

Allied Moms said...

Hi Friend, You Won Ad Space on Allied Moms! =) Do you have a button? It has to have dimensions 150x150. =)