Friday, July 16, 2010

Taking Inventory

Something big is happening here.

By here, I mean...with my family, in our home. We are taking the time to take inventory of what we have, what we are...and measuring it against who/what we long to be. We are making core changes. Not only are we trimming down our physical possessions, but we're saying goodbye to old ways of thinking, and welcoming some very new (and exciting) ones!

We're working out some details, but then I'm going to something really exciting to share.

Today was Shannon's last day of Girl Scout Day Camp. It was a fun week, and the first week of camp that I can EVER remember that it didn't RAIN! Of course, we're now having a thunderstorm and under a flash flood warning, but at least the campers didn't get wet, lol!

Tomorrow, Shan and I are going to see Phantom of the Opera in Atlanta. I hope she will sleep tonight...she is SO excited!

And then, on Sunday...she is headed off for a week on her first-ever church mission trip. I know it will be hard physical work for her, but I also know that she will come back with her eyes open wide, and her heart full. I'm excited for her. She has certainly had a whirlwind summer. I love that.


Our Family said...

It's so bitter-sweet to see our children grow uop- isn't it!? I pray she will have a blessed weekend/week!

Anonymous said...

I loved Phantom!! Hope you guys enjoy it!!

Allied Moms said...

OOOh I can't wait to hear what you are going to be doing!