Friday, July 9, 2010

Spontaneous Getaway!

Also, my friend with the "lake house" invited me up for a spontaneous getaway! Another girlfriend and I went up Wednesday night and came home last night (I am babysitting "E" today, so I had to come home, lol).

Every time we go up there, I try to do something push myself out of my comfort zone just a little bit. I always find that I'm so proud of myself, and love doing things!

Last time we went, I rode a wave-runner for the first time. This time, I went tubing behind the boat, and jumped off the top of a dock (like...the roof) across the cove. Also, it doesn't sound like as big a deal, but it was MUCH harder (mentally) for me to do...I swam under their dock. (I should probably explain why, lol.) They have THE SWEETEST dog, named Annie. She loves to sit out at the end of their dock, and drop her tennis ball into the lake. At one point, the ball went under the dock, and "L's" (the one who owns the house/dock) daughter "A" (Shannon's age) swam under to get it. My stomach flip-flopped...and I jokingly said "Save yourself, "A"! That's where the monsters live!" Of course, I don't really think monsters live down there, lol...but I realized I was actually afraid to swim under! So I made myself do it! The dock sits up on this floating "pier" the surface of the dock is like a foot over the water. I swam the length of the dock...between the piers. My heart was beating SO fast...but I did it!

We had SUCH a great time. We just hung out and laughed on Wednesday night. Swimming in the lake, playing truth or dare, etc. We had fondue for dinner, and then MADE OUR OWN FUNNEL CAKES (OMG how fun) for dessert. We sat up til 2 am chatting, and then Annie slept with me. After sleeping with Rosie and Calvin...Annie the Rottweiler was quite the change!

Thursday morning we got up and had breakfast, and then went out on their pontoon boat. SO much fun. Eventually, we came back for a really late lunch, and then "K" (the other friend) and I headed home. I have some pictures, but I need to re-size them, etc.

Tonight, I'm going to another friend's house for a pool party. It'll be a bunch of girls from work ("L" and "K" are also friends from work, but not sure if they're going to this party). We'll do a little drinking, so it's a slumber party! SO fun!

Shannon "comes home" tomorrow. I put it in quotes because they're getting here between 3 and 4, but her counselor sleepover for GS camp starts at 5. LOL!


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