Friday, July 30, 2010


This is going to be short because I'm typing it on my phone. Sitting in chairs is still super uncomfortable and my laptop is too heavy for my posting from the Droid it is!

I had a doctor appointment this morning and passed my test. I got to get rid of my catheter. Yay! Now the focus is just to rest and heal. And then rest and heal some more. People have been really sweet, bringing us meals. We've gotten a poppyseed chicken casserole, fried chicken, and lasagna. We are so thankful.

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Funky Kim said...

I'm so glad you got rid of that nasty catheter! And I'm very thankful that someone invented the Droid. I love mine and I love that you have a way to at least read what's going on with the internet peeps even if it is a PITA to post!