Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Holy sore muscles, Batman!!!

I am soooo much more sore today from yoga yesterday, than I've been through all the weights/machine workouts thus far. Whoa! Yes! Just what I needed! We've decided that we're gonna do cardio 3x per week, and yoga the other 2 days per week.

What I need right now is to shrink my body, and build some muscle mass. This sounds like a PERFECT and fun way to do it!

When we went to the class yesterday, we didn't have yoga mats, so we borrowed "workout mats" from the gym. They were SO squishy/stretchy though, that it was really hard on my feet and ankles to hold the poses, etc. I have enough foot/ankle trouble that we went tonight and got yoga mats ($8 at Ross!) for us to take tomorrow. Mine's pink...squee!

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