Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Yoga sub

Sorry for the hiatus, lol! T'was unintended!

I ended up being sick last week (tummy trouble), and had to miss the rest of the week of workouts. And then of course, over the weekend was Easter and all it's chocolate-y, ham & scalloped potatoes goodness.

Now, Patrick has my illness, but Shannon and I headed back to yoga last night. Our regular instructor was on vacation, so we had a sub. It was neat, because she did things a little we got to see something new. She said the class was along the lines of a "BodyFlow" class. It was fun and HARD! I was sweating so much that I actually had sweat dripping off my hair, and I sweated through the front of my shirt. Impressive, lol!!!

We've got tremendous, huge, scary big storms coming through send good vibes, please!!!

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