Sunday, July 14, 2013

Happy Anniversary to us!

Today is our 23rd wedding anniversary.  July 14, 1990 is one of my most cherished memories.  We married young, and so many people questioned it.  But we knew.  We always knew.  Patrick actually asked me to marry him the very first day he asked me to date him.  LOL!  Yes, really!  We ended up dating 3-1/2 years before we got married.  I wasn't too keen on getting married at age 15!

Getting married young, one thing Patrick and I knew was that we would have to grow...together.  It seems like so many young married couples grow apart as their relationship continues.  We have always strived to communicate, respect, and encourage each other.

I am very proud of us.  I would marry him all over again.  In a heartbeat.

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