Friday, July 12, 2013

Lots of Updates

I got in!!! I am now an official student in the Surgical Technologist program!

My interview was on Wednesday  morning, and yesterday afternoon I got the call that I was selected!  I'm terribly excited...and also nervous.  It's going to be HARD.  But I can do hard things.  The hard is what makes it great...right?  LOL!  I've always heard, and I believe that if your dreams don't scare you, that they're not big enough.  I have a mandatory meeting on the 18th where we'll find out about our classes, choose our scrub color, etc.  SO excited.

The big decision we were wrestling with has been decided.  Patrick will not be returning to school this fall.  I'm super proud that he's been able to attend school this long, with his chronic pain.  He'd been going part-time up until last semester.  That seemed to allow him enough "recovery" time to keep going.  Last semester he had to go full-time to complete his pre-reqs for the Rad. Tech. program, and it was SO hard on him.  His pain level was higher, and his energy level was almost non-existant.  His grades suffered a bit.  He was selected for an interview, and I am CERTAIN would have been accepted into the Rad. Tech. program...but it's just too much for him right now.  It would be a 21-month straight, full-time commitment.  He just can't.    Besides his health, having both of us in our programs at the same time, plus Shannon in her junior year, plus my dad's health...would be a HUGE strain on our family.  His health was the deciding factor, but we have realized that it will be better for all of us to get me through my program (which is only a year) and working full-time.  At that point, we'll see how he's doing, etc.  His pre-reqs are good for five we are hoping that he will get to finish at some point.

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Funky Kim said...

What color scrubs? Do they have Hello Kitty scrubs? Off to Google!