Friday, January 18, 2013

Fighting the lazies

I don't know if I'm unmotivated, super lazy...or have an african sleeping sickness, but oh my word. I would be content to just lie in bed ALL DAY long.

Part of it is that this semester is SO much easier than last semester, work-load wise. Last semester was SO hard that by comparison I'm just breezing along now.

I really do think I'm fighting some kind of bug...but seriously? I have NO energy.  Blarg.

I did have a revelation today.  I'm implementing healthy habits, exercise and food-wise.  Last week I lost 4.2 lbs, which was great!  This week, I didn't lose any weight, which led me to start having all those negative self-talk feelings. The "here we go again" and "why bother" type of feelings. And then I realized...up until now, I've always based any weight loss journey on a week-to-week status. If I had a "bad" week, it felt like a failure.

I completely get the the changes I'm making are for a lifetime, and are not a "diet," but it never dawned on me that if I'm doing something for the REST of my life, I don't need to measure my success in weekly increments. Just keep at it, you know?

So...that said. I'm not going to have a regular weigh-in day. I'm just going to track as the pounds come off.

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