Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy New Year

2013 already! Whoa.  It came in with a whimper for us, as I became ill with a stomach virus  on New Year's Eve.  I was sick until the 3rd, which we re-declared NYE, and celebrated it then! Much better.

So now, here we are in a brand new year. I'm not really making resolutions, per se...but just reigniting my intentions toward a healthier lifestyle.  I'd like to eat far less processed foods, and move my body more often.

Many people choose a "word of the year" at New Years time.  Something to represent their journey, or a goal they want to pursue.  Something I have a hard time with is change, and I *know* this year is going to be full of some big ones.  Therefore the word I've chosen is ADAPTABLE.

Classes start for me again on Tuesday.  This term I'm taking Intro to Healthcare, Cultural Diversity in Healthcare, Psychology, and Intro to Computers.  Yes, really.  Intro to Computers.  I went to the orientation for it, and all I can say is OH MY WORD.  The first assignment is going to be learning to turn a computer ON.  I think I'll be able handle myself, lol.

OK, I'm starving.  Off to eat dinner...ttys!

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