Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I swear. I feel like a fire has been lit inside me.  Patrick said, quoting Duck Dynasty "Boy this has really set your pants on fire, hasn't it?!" I cannot stop thinking about backpacking! I am SO excited.  Our long-term goal (10-ish years) is to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail.  Our schedule, money, etc will take awhile to get to the point that we can BOTH commit to a 4-6 month endeavor.   Until then though...we are both SO excited to do 3, 5, 7-night treks.  I cannot wait!

Of course, we need to train for this.  Of course, we need to buy gear for this...which is not cheap, so it will be a very prioritized list, and it will need to be purchased in little bits here, little bits there.

I've struggled with my food consumption and motivation to "do something about it" for a long time now.  I've just had a "why bother" attitude.  But now? Now, I have a goal. A very physical goal.  The very truthful reality is the less I weigh, the less I'll be lugging down the trail, and over the mountains.  Suddenly, over-indulging is nowhere near as attractive! Exciting!!!

I'm telling brain is just churning, and it feels SO good.  I was so caught up in my thoughts this morning on my way school that I realized I was driving the wrong way!  I was totally on auto-pilot and just cruising down the wrong street, lol!  Oops.

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