Monday, January 21, 2013

First "loaded" hike

I just did a 5.6 mile hike...with my big backpack on. I have a big internal frame pack that I used when I did the breast cancer walks. Not sure if it's the one I'll stick with for backpacking...but it's what I've got. So I'm using it for training purposes. I weighted it to 30 lbs...and went for it! My pace was a little slower than my normal pace, but not too bad! 

I learned a LOT though! There's a reason you don't hike in jeans, with regular undies on. OMG...chafing! I should have brought my hoodie, even though it was warm when I started. I've always just carried a water bottle with me...and poo-pooed the idea of a hydration system. But now, I'm rethinking that stance, lol. The biggest thing I learned is that I CAN DO THIS!!!

Also, Patrick has decided he wants to do it with me, which I completely love and think is SO rad.

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