Monday, January 28, 2013

Hitting the trail

Keeping at the was my third 5 mile hike this week.  This time, to give my knees a break, I didn't wear my weighted backpack. They haven't been complaining...but I figure I better ease them into this nonsense, lol.

Patrick and I are having some fun conversations about gear, short backpacking trips, etc.  SO awesome.   We're waiting for our tax refund before we buy a few preliminary pieces of equipment, and then we can start sleeping out on the trail! Woohoo!

What's so interesting to me is that now that I have this goal, this passion about other goals just fall into place.  Working out and losing weight has always been something I knew I *should* do...but eh, it's hard.  LOL!  But now that I'm comparing OUNCES in hiking gear weight, I have a very real reason to get my own weight under control. I've exercised 13 times since 1/4.  Feels great. I'm really proud, and it feels good in my brain to finally be going about this the right way.

Here's a picture of me from "the top of the mountain" today.

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